What We Do...

  • New product development

    We explore new and better methods of introducing new and sustainable products to farmers.
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  • Capacity building for farmers

    This is done through our intensive and extensive training programs that we offer in our centre and to Out-growers.
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  • Out-growers services

    We link farmers to each other and to markets as we build their capacity through training on better high yeilding farming skills.
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  • Empower the women

    One of our passion is to empower women in Agribusiness through our capacity building programs.
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  • Empower the Youth

    The youth are an important resource in our communities, we empower them to embrace Agribusiness through our capacity building programs.
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  • Sale of Seedlings

    Total Herbs International grows and sells seedlings to its out growers and other farmers at large.
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  • Construction of Greenhouses

    Total Herbs International designs and builds greenhouses for all types of crops that leverage all climatic and environmental conditions thus ensures that the farmer produces healthy and quality crops.
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